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Belgium & Luxembourg

ABLCC Resources | Belgium & Luxembourg : H.E. Dr. Raoul Delcorde, Ambassador & Director MENA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs Belgium

H.E. Dr. Raoul Delcorde, Ambassador & Director MENA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs Belgium


Located in the heart of Europe, with its international institutions (EU, NATO, Benelux, WCO), its three ports on the North Sea coast (Antwerp, Ghent, Zeebrugge) and five airports (Brussels, Charleroi, Liege, Oostende, Antwerp), the Kingdom of Belgium enjoys a very comfortable position in the international economic ecosystem. It is also a logistic hub and a gateway to 500M European consumers.

The country consists in a federation of three autonomous regions: Flanders, Wallonia, and Brussels-Capital. Each of them is responsible for its international economic development and has its own foreign trade agency, namely Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT), Wallonia Export & Investment (AWEX) and Brussels Invest & Export (hub.brussels). Additionally, the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency (ABH-ACE) plays a role at the national level, being responsible for the promotion of exports and the collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FPS Foreign Affairs).

Exports amount to  85% of the Belgian GDP, making Belgium the 10th largest exporting country in the world, despite its relatively small territory. Likewise, in terms of per capita numbers, the total exchanges between the Arab countries and Belgium was higher in 2018 than those with Germany, France, and the UK all together.

Capital: Brussels
Population/Surface: 11.5 million / 30 500 km²
Official languages: Dutch, French, German
GDP per capita: 52 063 USD
Real GDP Growth: -6.3%
Imports of goods & services: 80.1% of GDP
Exports of goods & services: 80.6% of GDP
Outward FDI Stocks: 612 188 million USD (2019)

Inward FDI Stocks: 489 054 million USD (2019)

Key industries: Metal, Machinery & Equipment - Chemicals & Plastics – Diamond – Services (Engineering, ICT, Aeronautic & Space, Construction)

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