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ABLCC - 45 Years of Business Synergy
As a member of the General Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture for the Arab countries since 1978, the ABLCC fulfils the essential role of bridge between Belgium, Luxembourg and the Arab countries.

A Strategic Partnership for Effective Results

With more than 45 years of experience in the field, the ABLCC promotes trade and investment relations between Belgium, Luxembourg and the Arab world, and keeps developing an ever-growing business community. The Chamber provides members with business information and services based on in-depth knowledge of the economic and commercial realities and a strong network of contacts comprised of businesses, heads of states, officials, diplomats, chambers of commerce, trade associations and financial institutions.

What is more, the ABLCC is accredited by the Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce and is part of the BLCCA network.

You can discover the wide array of ABLCC services, or browse through our event calendar and learn about the many member advantages offered by the Chamber.

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Become a member and join the vibrant business community standing at the helm of Arab-Belgium-Luxembourg trade and investment relations.
“ I invite all of you to follow the lead of the members of our Chamber, who are taking a proactive stance and grasping the important opportunities that are quickly emerging in today’s changing Arab world. And do not hesitate to call on us for help along the way: at 35 years, we have reached an age that has allowed us to accumulate the experience needed to help you, while still being fresh and energetic… ”

“ The Arab-Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce plays a crucial role in promoting business and economic relations between Belgium and the Arab countries. I am convinced that, when in another 35 years, we will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Chamber, the Belgian-Arab partnership will only have gained in importance. ”

“ Since its inception, the Chamber has worked hard to develop mutually beneficial relationships between Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Arab world. We do this, first of all, by bringing stakeholders from different fields and sectors from both regions together, to encourage them to engage in discussion, meet potential future business partners, exchange know-how and best practices and devise strategies that give solution to common problems. Secondly, we help create opportunities just by being there for you. Whenever we are approached by third parties asking for interesting contacts, the names of our members are always the first ones on our mind. ”


“The ABLCC is a 40 years old joint enterprise dedicated to bringing together the Arab and Belgian-Luxembourg business communities. Be sure that for the last decades the ABLCC has been bending into backwards to open new ways of trade and economic cooperation between the two worlds it represents and we are very proud to be involved in such a mission. All this has been possible thanks to the intensive collaboration between the Chamber and its public and private partners, as much in Belgium and Luxembourg as well as in the Middle East and North Africa. ”

Johan Beerlandt - Chairman
& Qaisar Hijazin - Secretary General


60, Rue Mignot Delstanche
1050 Brussels - Belgium
+32 2 344 82 04
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