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Facilitation of Business Cooperation

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Are you looking for business contacts in Belgium, Luxembourg or in the Arab world? Do you need to prepare yourself before meeting potential partners? The ABLCC is your first point of contact!

Our Position

The position of the ABLCC as a non-governmental and non-profit organization is particularly advantageous and allows it to facilitate business cooperation across different sectors and regions on all levels. Moreover, the Chamber plays an intermediary and encompassing role between the trade organizations in Belgium and Luxembourg, on the one hand, and the different countries of the Arab League, on the other.

Our Network

Over decades, the Chamber has been developing a strong network comprised of businesses, officials, diplomats, trade associations and chambers of commerce.

In Europe, the ABLCC is member of the Belgian Chambers and accredited as one of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chambers of Commerce Abroad (BLCCA). The Chamber is also a close partner of BECI and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), whose Business Cooperation Database is one of the largest and most powerful tools for business matchmaking.

In the Arab world, the ABLCC is member of the General Union of Arab Chambers, whose office is based in Beirut. The accreditation and long-term relationship with the Arab embassies in Brussels are, too, very important, as it allows us to have a good communication channel the government agencies and public organizations and companies in the Middle East & Gulf regions, as well as in North Africa.

Our Expertise

With 40 years of experience in facilitating business between three continents, the ABLCC has acquired precious background knowledge, and a finely-honed understanding of the international trade and business mechanics. The ABLCC, as a multicultural and multinational entity itself, is also your best advisor in terms of cross-cultural communication and negotiations processes. The Chamber provides preparatory trainings in the framework of economic and trade missions and prepares businessmen and women to build fruitful relationships with their counterparts and close their negotiations with success.

The ABLCC is proud to partner with the following entities

Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce

Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce

Rue Belliard 2, 1040 Brussels
Tel : + 32 2 209 05 50
Email : info@belgianchambers.be
Websites : www.blcca.org & www.belgianchambers.be

Brussels Enterprises Commerce & Industry

Avenue Louise 500, 1050 Bruxelles
Tel : + 32 2 648 50 02
Email : info@beci.be
Website : www.beci.be
Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network

Avenue Louise 500, 1050 Bruxelles
Tel : + 32 2 210 01 77
Fax : + 32 2 640 93 28
Email : jpm@beci.be
Website : www.brusselsnetwork.be
Union of Arab Chambers

Union of Arab Chambers

P.O.Box 11-2837, Beirut - Lebanon
Tel : + 961 - 1 814 269/70
Fax : + 961 -1 862 841
Email : admin@uac.org.lb
Website : www.uac.org.lb

Our Services


The ABLCC constitutes an important link in the certification procedure of your commercial documents destined for the Arab world.


The ABLCC Translation Unit provides high quality translations from and to Arabic, French, Dutch and English. Our translators are officially qualified and have a long-standing experience.


Looking for business contacts in the Arab world? The ABLCC is your first point of contact! Over the years, the ABLCC has managed to develop a strong network in the Arab world on all levels.


The ABLCC is glad to assist its members in solving commercial disputes. Count on us to help gather complex information, propose and prepare various methods for dispute settlement and refer you to the appropriate legal advisors.


Become a member and join the vibrant business community standing at the helm of Arab-Belgium-Luxembourg trade and investment relations.


“The ABLCC is a 40 years old joint enterprise dedicated to bringing together the Arab and Belgian-Luxembourg business communities. Be sure that for the last decades the ABLCC has been bending into backwards to open new ways of trade and economic cooperation between the two worlds it represents and we are very proud to be involved in such a mission. All this has been possible thanks to the intensive collaboration between the Chamber and its public and private partners, as much in Belgium and Luxembourg as well as in the Middle East and North Africa. ”

Johan Beerlandt - Chairman
& Qaisar Hijazin - Secretary General


60, Rue Mignot Delstanche
1050 Brussels - Belgium
+32 2 344 82 04
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