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1 Avenue Greiner, SERAING 4100, WALLONIA, Liège, Belgium

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Managing the Needs of Our Times

John Cockerill (formerly CMI) has a very high level of expertise in metal mechanical engineering (especially steelworks & machinery). It designs, integrates, modernizes and maintains equipment in the industry, energy and defense sectors.

Meeting the needs of our time is the raison d’être of the John Cockerill Group. While the world changes more and more rapidly, it also faces more and more complex challenges: diminishing resources, population growth, globalization of the economy, etc.

At John Cockerill, our ambition is to combine the expertise gained from our long-standing tradition and the technologies born of our spirit of innovation to develop unique large-scale technical solutions. Solutions capable of supplementing the measures to be taken at the political, educational, economic and societal levels.

The services and equipment that we offer are efficient and sustainable.

There are five major areas in which we want to provide our added value in the years to come:

  • Preserving natural resources;
  • Producing sustainably;
  • Contributing to greener mobility;
  • Fighting against insecurity;
  • Facilitating access to renewable energy.

Our vision

What unites us is the entrepreneurial spirit that flows in our veins. Directly inspired by our founder John Cockerill, our teams continue to keep this spirit alive every day: the drive to act, to decide, to successfully carry out projects, in a team and with customer satisfaction as the focus.

We at John Cockerill are genuine catalysts of opportunities. We look at the world differently, at the existing technologies and those being developed, at the needs of our customers and of the communities in which we live.

The challenges posed by today’s world are all opportunities for those who, like us, are ready to respond. Our strength lies in seizing these opportunities. Meeting these challenges. Providing technical solutions, innovative or improving existing process. Solutions that all fulfil the same ambition: to be accessible to the greatest number.

Where some people see obstacles, we see an infinite field of possibilities.
The values at the heart of our entrepreneurial culture.

  • Human
  • Innovative
  • Committed
  • Responsible
  • Customer-oriented


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1 Avenue Greiner, SERAING 4100, WALLONIA, Liège, Belgium
60, Rue Mignot Delstanche
1050 Brussels - Belgium
+32 2 344 82 04
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