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Legalization of Commercial Documents

ablcc-services legalization-of-commercial-documents

The ABLCC constitutes an important link in the certification procedure of your commercial documents destined for the Arab world. The procedure for legalizing export documents is as follows ...

Visa Service and Registration of Documents for Saudi Arabia

ablcc-services visa-service-and-registration-of-documents-for-saudi-arabia

The ABLCC is delighted to provide a visa service to Belgian and Luxembourgish citizens and persons legally residing in Belgium or Luxembourg who want to undertake business travels to, or work in, Saudi Arabia ...

Translation Service

ablcc-services translation-service

The ABLCC Translation Unit provides high quality translations from and to Arabic, French, Dutch and English. Our translators are officially qualified and have a long-standing experience to handle commercial, financial, ...

Facilitation of Business Cooperation

ablcc-services facilitation-of-business-cooperation

Looking for business contacts in the Arab world? The ABLCC is your first point of contact! Over the years, the ABLCC has managed to develop a strong network in the Arab world comprising businesses, officials, diplomats, ...

Settlement of Commercial Disputes

ablcc-services settlement-of-commercial-disputes

The ABLCC is glad to assist its members in solving commercial disputes. Count on us to: help gather complex information, prepare persuasive methods for dispute settlement; propose methods for mediation and ...

Constitution of a Belgian company & Obtention of a Belgian professional card

ablcc services | Constitution of a Belgian company

A SPRL is a form of company with minimum two shareholders (“single shareholder” companies are also available). A minimum capital of € 18,550 has to be subscribed by the founders and € 6,200 paid on on a bank account ...

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